Thursday, November 2, 2017

Zvezda 1/35 SU-100

Zvezda kits are quite inexpensive in Latvia, and despite actually being a SU-100M, horrible, horrible tracks, and a very difficult hull fit, I couldn't resist sinking some time into this kit. The dimensions are accurate, though, although the welding seams tend to be a bit more pronounced on real vehicles.

The build started off with painting most of the parts Vallejo Olive Green (brush only, as usual( and then I assembled the wheels. Some white glue was slathered on the lower parts of the hull to simulate mud, and then the upper hull was added. Some plastic strip had to be added to cover a gap between the hull halves in lower front, and this was subsequently sanded down. The tracks required a stapler to connect, and they do not at all conform to how real SU-100 tracks weigh down on the wheels, but I had to work with what was in the box. I was simply too impatient to order replacement tracks.

A picture frame was used as a base for a small diorama, and I wanted to create a bit of a kitschy scene with a female nurse from an ICM kit comforting a heroic but shaky tank commander after the end of the war in Europe.

You can see an unboxing of the kit here:

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Tamiya 1/35 M113 Armored Personnel Carrier

The M113 is a kit from the mid-1970s, but is has a nicely detailed interior, and good overall fit. I added some items to the interior, as well as a decent amount of weathering and a shield for the .50 cal machine gun. The figures are chunky and lacking details such as the helmet covers, but they were used anyway. As for the base, I had limited resources to do the groundwork, as well as limited skills in modelling Vietnamese terrain, but the reddish soil or clay is prevalent in many pictures from the Vietnam War.

Here's some pictures of the sprues: