Monday, November 21, 2011

Artillery in the Hürtgenwald

I made this little vignette almost two years ago after a particularly drab an wet day made me think of the extended battles in the Hürtgenwald during the fall of 1944. I had also just found out that a friend 's neighbour is the son of General Westmoreland, who served as a young officer in the Hürtgenwald. This experience may or may not have influenced his performance in Vietnam later on in life, but there are indeed some parallels to be drawn between combat in the Hürtgenwald and search-and-destroy missions in Vietnam. In any case, this is the 1/35 Italeri M1 105mm howitzer, although it is actually the post WW-2 version. I decided to ignore this for the sake of the build, and place the howitzer on a stand for a whiskey glass that came with a birthday bottle. The odds and ends around the howitzer are Tamiya, Italeri, Lindberg and scratch built items that seem to litter many deployment areas. The figure is also from all kinds of sources with a Warriors head and a Dragon torso with Tamiya legs. This poor guy may be guarding the artillery piece between fire missions, a cup of cold coffee in front of him together with a captured P-08. The howitzer has a handful of rounds at the ready, since there will undoubtedly soon be need for more fire support.

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