Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Checking Out at the Check Point

The old Tamiya US Military Policeman with a Harley Davidson and a Masterbox female civilian constitute the participants in this credit card-sized vignette. The young lady, perhaps a civilian employee at the UN Headquarters in Seoul, is reapplying her lipstick in front of a military policeman who is rapidly losing interest in the traffic. The Tamiya figure's head was replaced by a Nemrod head, but it was tad too small, and simply not of the same quality as, say, Hornet heads. The MP therefore looks perhaps more shocked than pleasantly surprised. The female figure was wonderful to assemble, and I think the original head worked quite well. The characters on the oil drum are supposed to say "stop" in Korean. The base is made out of old hotel key cards glued together and sandpapered into shape.

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